Day 20 – Post about 3 celebrity crushes

Feeling a bit unwell hence the last minute quick post for today’s topic.

In no particular order, the three crushes are…

  1. Ryan Reynolds                                          091615-ryan-reynolds-mos-lead2038530755246953177.jpgWho doesn’t have a crush on him?! Witty, sarcastic humour, good looking and a lovely human being overall…the list can go on and on!
  2. Farhan Akhtar Now as actors obviously, they all have different looks for different roles. It’s bad that I am not sure which movie Farhan had this look for but it’s just perfect!
  3. Travis Fimmel Confession – the main reason I watch the show Vikings is because of my crush on him! THOSE BLUE EYES!!!! Also his acting as Ragnar is just superb!

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