My little “Eddie-the-Eagle” moment!

First of all if you aren’t aware of who Eddie the Eagle is or haven’t seen the movie about him…firstly “how have you not?!”…secondly you have got to watch it!!”

So today I feel extremely proud of myself…over something that isn’t a big deal but like Eddie the Eagle, I was extremely proud of myself for achieving something that “isn’t really a big deal“!

Now sure if I had mentioned this before but at the moment I am studying part time to get my bachelor degree…better late than never! So a couple of weeks ago, I was extremely stressed due to the first assignment of the year…although I did procrastinate a lot 😬…I was still stressed and nervous!

And today I got the result for it…scored 60%!! I am sooooo proud of myself!! I even did a mini victory dance and I can’t even dance!😁

(yes they do percentages instead of grades)

Yep…to pretty much everyone it isn’t a big deal but for me it was a huge deal! Why?

  • because for last 2-3 years I have been stuck in a rut with my studies…constantly underachieving (not proud of admitting to that!)
  • because of that (⬆️), I had lost all my confidence in my ability to write essays or do assignments etc…I was expecting to get around 30 %!
  • because although I had procrastinated I did start working on this assignment a bit earlier than my past ones…so a little lesson that starting assignments early does pay off!
  • because this was proof to myself that actually I am not as bad as I thought I was!
  • but most importantly…I kind of really needed some good news right now!

So yeah I am proper chuffed with myself!

Yes, I have mentioned it before (several times!) but I just want to be clear that I am proud of myself!! 😁

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