I got farted on by a Former English Cricket Team Captain!!!

Now that is something I never, in a billion years, thought of saying! But it happened! 

Hi, it’s me again! Yes, that one who said “I will blog more often (weekly)” after completing the 30 days writing challenge but instead is blogging after it has been nearly a month! I am just glad that it’s not after a few months as I have done that before…progress!! Lol!

So this week I had this training thing for a volunteering program I am hoping to start soon. We are sat around a table having small talk with people sitting around me and just a few minutes before the training started an old man (in his 70s-80s) walks in.

Now I am a big fan of period dramas, and this man reminded me of Downton Abbey, walking in with what seemed like a briefcase (didn’t look at it properly to see what it was), quietly apologised for being late and sat down right next to me. He even had a posh ballpoint pen to write and his handwriting was so beautiful and classy! Obviously spoke in a proper polite manner. Literally everything about him said classic, posh and English! So English that he had packed lunch and a proper napkin! And if all of that wasn’t enough, after lunch he pops out a folded newspaper and starts doing Crosswords!

But after that he got up to go to the toilets (I know that because he asked me whether I knew where they were); as he gets out of his seat he grabs the back of my chair for support, in my mind I was like “aww he is old and cute”, by the time he straightens up he is just behind me and that’s when it happened! He farted!

Shocked but glad that I was looking at my phone because it made ignoring it easier but it definitely took the word “cute” out of my mind! After quickly saying “excuse me” in an embarrassed voice, he walked out of the room.

Anyways I thought just ignore it and move on, which I did until towards the end of the training when someone mentioned who he really was…A Former England Cricket Team Captain!

I just sat there shocked and all I could think of was that “He farted on me!”

“…he has an CBE”

“He farted on me!”

“…he was very well known for being an aggressive player on the field”

“He farted on me!”

*He tells us a story behind a famous picture of his*

“He farted on me!”

Looking back at it now, I do find it funny that when I didn’t know who he really was I had put that little accident behind me but as soon as I find out that he was this amazing famous cricketer…all I could think of was that little accident! Funny how the brain works!

Reckon, it will make an interesting story to tell the grandkids when I am old and grey? Lol

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