Guess who is back from the dead?!

Yep, that’s right! C’est moi! (Don’t know if I got that right…been 11 years since I have said anything in French!). Basically it should translate to “It’s me!”.

So just to give a quick overview of what I have been doing in the land of the dead:

  • Passed my driving – don’t know if I have mentioned that before but after months of struggling with the lessons I, shockingly, passed my driving first time round about six months ago! Still a bit nervous on the roads though and sadly, don’t think that feeling will be going away anytime soon!
  • Passed a very important module for my degree – I have spoken about this module in my previous post, when I was halfway through it and let’s just say my little “Eddie- the-Eagle” moment turned into a big one when I got the final result! A bit nervous about starting the next module in October…so next week!

And that reminds me I need my passport to sort something out for uni….ermmm…now which forgettable safe places did I put my passport in this time?!!!!!!

  • Became a sister-in-law, well not completely yet but you get the point – still not getting used to this “role” as it is the first wedding in our family (among my siblings and me that is!). Now some may think what’s the big deal about it but if you are Asian these “roles” mean you have certain “traditions” to carry out or “way to act” and let’s just say I am not great with all that!
  • Have become regular at the my gym – now this has shocked me more than anyone else but I have gone from the fat girl who hated the idea of going gym to being the fat girl that gets excited at the idea of going to gym! I don’t even know how that happened! Even hired a personal trainer – ok, I am not a big fan of having a PT but did it as  being the moral support for my best friend who always wanted a PT. I think it’s safe to say she loves the sessions… – not so much!

Sugar. Honey. Ice. Tea (S.H.I.T)!!! What if the passport was in that bag I gave to charity!!!! I really should get a move on with trying to find it!

  • Started a diet plan thing – I say thing because it’s not gong that well, strictly speaking don’t think it classifies as a diet…and that’s all I will say about that!
  • Tried finding a husband…mission failed…abort mission – old readers (if you guys are still around) may have read my- now-deleted posts about how I was going to try and find a husband and post about how that search was going…but I didn’t post anything because quite frankly it wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be and it was more…disappointing if anything! I am more than happy to revert back to my “vowing to be single forever” phase!

Right that’s pretty much it, I think, and I really should find that passport of mine! Wish me luck!

Hopefully I shall write more often this time round!

She says, yet again!



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