Day 30 – Highs and lows of this challenge (Last one!!)


  • The most important one and the main reason I started this challenge was to become more comfortable with blogging as before I would edit post too much which would end up with me not posting anything.
  • You get motivated to and get different ideas related to some of the topics covered by the challenge.
  • You get in a good habit of posting regularly.
  • You do feel more comfortable in being yourself when writing because you’re doing it daily and your readers get to know you much better.
  • You are challenged to talk about topics that you may have not considered writing about in the first place.


  • It can get tiring having to write something every single day.
  • It’s a real challenge to push yourself to write when you don’t feel like…but I think that’s a good thing as well if you want to do blogging to a timetable, if that makes sense?
  • For the last few days I was ill so didn’t write as much as I wanted to write for posts…but I guess that can be covered in a later post.

So this marks the end of the challenge! 🤪 It was fun and a really good experience. Definitely worth trying if you’re new to blogging or got a bad case of writer’s block like I had!

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