Day 28 – Five weird facts about you

Just realised got two more days left to this challenge! 🤪

Just going to get straight to it…

I noticed I have been lots of posts in bullet points so going to change it up a bit lol.

So the first weird fact about me would be that I still get sugar rush especially if I have sweets when I’m tired, and yes I do go crazy like a little child having a sugar rush…well sort of, depends on where I am at the time, got some control over it.

Second weird fact relates to the first one…I get a rush from caffeine which is normal for everyone but I tend to go a little bit too much in the sense that I become too immature and find the silliest things funny! And funnily it peaks during night time even if I had the coffee around 5pm.

Third weird fact about me would be that I love sad things! Sad books. Sad songs. Sad movies. Sad quotes. I just love them even if I don’t find them relatable. I feel that it’s because I find that sad stuff have more of a rawness to it, more of vulnerability to it. It’s weird I know!

Fourth weird fact about me I can’t deal with emotions in real life, yes that does contradict what I said above! But if someone breaks down in front of me I panic, I never know what to say or what to do? Should I make them laugh or let them let it all out? Should I hug them or not (because some people don’t like that)? I guess it’s down to being a bit socially awkward and not having got a hang of expressing my own emotions in a proper way lol.

Fifth weird fact about me, I don’t believe in true love existing! Although you would find me reading romance or watching romantic movies etc, I don’t believe in it being an actual thing! I don’t even know how to explain this one.

Would love to know some weird fact about you guys! Let me know in the comments.

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