Day 27 – Five things that make you laugh out loud

So yeah I didn’t post yesterday…been a bit under the weather and totally forgot about it till midnight! 😁 BUT on the plus side you get two posts today! Yaaaaay! 😁

Five things that I find funny…not sure if it has to be individual things like one picture or video or has to be things that I would in general find funny…πŸ€”

I am going to go with things in general because choosing one specific image, meme, gif or video proved to be challenging lol.

  • Fail videos – who doesn’t like them?! They are brilliant and best thing about it is that it’s all unplanned! Fail Army has the best collection, in my opinion.
  • Funny Children Videos – one of the best things for when you lose faith in the humanity is in seeing little accidents or silliness of little children being innocent and funny.
  • Outtakes – I think by now you can see there is a connection between the things that I find funny and that’s when things don’t go according to plan! Love watching outtakes especially of shows or movies that I have seen already.
  • Memes – beside the fact that I don’t know how to say the word properly I think they’re just brilliant and some of them can be really witty. I wanted to share some of them here but then I realised that most of them are for (desis) South Asian people so not many people will find them as relatable and funny as I do.
  • British Comedians – one of the things I really missed in Pakistan were the British comedians! You only hear and see stuff of American comedians there and as funny as they are, I am sorry to say that they aren’t as good as the British! Sorry not sorry 😁

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