Day 25 – Think of any word. Search it on Google Image and write your thoughts about the 11th picture.

Ooo, an interesting one! Hmmm which word…something common and boring or something different and random…


So I am going for the word serendipity purely because I have no clue what it means but it’s fun to say it!

And the 11th picture is…

To no surprise all of the images for this word were similar to this image…defining what serendipity meant! Between you and me, I was soo glad that this one was the 11th one as it defines the word in the easiest way.

So thoughts about the picture…all I can think of is whether or not I believe in serendipity lol. And the answer would be yes and no.

A part of me does believe in it for it does happen, we do tend to find something good or better than what we were looking for or weren’t looking for. It is like one of those times when you don’t want to go out but you force yourself to go and meet people and you need up having a great time!

However on the other hand, I do believe that at times you do have to work towards something good…just because things won’t just happen if you sit still and don’t look for it! In a way you got to do something or be open to ideas to maybe come across that good thing. Makes sense?

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