Day 24 – Something you learned the hard way.

I think what I am going to talk about is something everyone has learnt the hard way for I don’t think there is an easy way of learning this.

Everyone will ask “how are you?” but only a few actually care about how you are!

Yep it’s very common lesson to learn the hard way! And I feel that it is a lesson that we keep learning again and again at different stages of our lives as we still like to hope that people care. Especially if we like that person then we tend to imagine that this person does care. Sometimes it turns out that person does care but sometimes they don’t.

I think that might be the reason why as we grow older we tend to have only a few people we truly let our guard down with and that also after knowing them for quite a few years because by then we know they actually do care…well that’s the case with me anyway.

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