Day 18 – Post 30 facts about yourself.

Right I am going to be doing this in no particular order because I can’t think of any facts about me and I am not good at describing myself! Lol

  1. I love watching movies! I used to have a huge collection of dvds which I ended up giving away because of the streaming trend.
  2. I am open to all kinds of movies, TV shows and books as long as the story is good but strictly no horror stuff!
  3. In relation to the last fact, I get (not sure if that is the right word?) sleep paralysis…it is this horrible thing where you feel as if you can’t breathe and trying to wake up but can’t open your eyes…the scary thing is you see weird nightmarish dream while it is happening and that should explain why I don’t watch horror stuff.
  4. I love shopping online! I find that it provides more variety and you can checks reviews etc before buying it.
  5. I am an introvert that at times can transform into an extrovert…no idea how it works!
  6. I am not yet convinced that a thing like true love exists!
  7. I have never touched an animal! Always been afraid of them but like them from a distance.
  8. I’ve got dual nationality – British and Pakistani. Proud of both, if that matters to anyone lol.
  9. I find needlework fascinating – currently experimenting with knitting.
  10. I love stationary! I am guilty of buying soo many things for art and craft projects that I hardly ever get round to doing.
  11. I think after reading the last two facts it won’t be a surprise that I love Pinterest and been hooked on it.
  12. I can speak 3 languages.
  13. I used to be able to speak French fluently (GCSE level) but haven’t kept in practice after I left school so forgotten it all.
  14. I used to write poetry at school and one of the poems got famous among the teachers as it got published in teacher’s monthly newsletter lol. I have lost the poems though.
  15. I have trouble going to sleep not due to any specific reason just takes me longer to switch my brain off lol.
  16. I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little kid and working towards becoming one.
  17. I am not ambitious, I am happy with simple and pure things in life.
  18. I am struggling really badly with this list!
  19. I never learned how to ride a bike.
  20. I don’t know how to swim.
  21. I have crushes on fictional characters in books! (I wanted to say fall in love but that would be too weird, right?)
  22. I am empathic by nature which sadly makes me a pushover.
  23. In relation to last fact, if I find that someone is taking advantage of me, I can be very harsh and….actually just think of Dr Banner and Hulk and you will get sense of what I am trying to say.
  24. I love having “alone” time it is sooo helpful in gathering up your thoughts in silence.
  25. They are only a handful of people around whom I am myself.
  26. Currently in process of falling in love with my religion…like it has always been close to my heart but now that I have started actively practicing it, I can’t believe how beautiful it is!
  27. According to friends, I am a good listener and easy to talk to…yep, I am running out things to say lol.
  28. My life has been constant moving from one country to another but only between the same 3 countries! I wish it was more countries though.
  29. I am going to go on a diet from tomorrow and being more healthy.
  30. I am in middle of a big slow yet steady process of changing my life towards the direction I wanted my life to go towards but didn’t. As I always say “better late than never!

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