Day 15 – Bullet point your whole day

Oh crap!! You guys are going to find out how boring my day was!

Just to clarify I have no idea in what format to do this so this should be fun!

  • Woke up at 8 am.
  • Checked phone
  • Woke up again at 11 am (with no idea when I went back to sleep)
  • Realised little brother is sleeping when he should have been on the way to an exam so scared him in order to wake him up and casually walked away back to bed because I wasn’t ready to get out of bed in the first place!
  • Got out of bed and ready for my driving lesson around 12- the instructor said I wasn’t her worst student, that’s the best compliment I had from anyone! Woop, woop!🎉
  • Got back around 2 – Netflix and chill after the noon prayers – not the crude version! The normal version that involved watching shows and having snacks!
  • 4 pm afternoon prayers, tidy up the house (yes a bit late I know) and then started cooking dinner
  • 6 pm everyone is home, food is ready – food poisoning time! I mean dinner time! 😁
  • Clean up after dinner
  • Evening prayers, recited Qu’ran, finished perfectly in time for night prayers
  • Scrolling on phone, came across interesting recipes…noted them down in my recipe book for later (that never comes that often…mental note: got to change that)
  • Got the laptop, saw today’s topic and died wishing I had known beforehand so I could have made my day a little bit more productive and exciting
  • Planning on watching the movie Tag after posting this and then back to scrolling on phone and maybe read The Highway Code to clarify a few things about driving.

For those that may be wondering, little brother got there just in time for his exam. There you go guys, my boring day in detail!

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